Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kyle Mills back in action

New Zealand ODI squad for the first 3 matches has been announced. Kyle Mills is back having recovered from an injury. He is currently ranked 4th in ICC Bowling Rankings.

Apart from bowling, he has the ability to accelerate the score during slog overs. His addition in team will definitely bring an advantage to the already strong Kiwis.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Hot hotter hottest

Yes, from being hot for some time....the climate here in Chennai is going to the next phase, it is becoming hotter. Yesterday was the second hottest day in February since 1927. Mercury touched 35.6 degrees Celsius.

To cope up, drink plenty of water, coconut water, lemon juice etc. It will help in balancing the water content in our body.

Delhi-6 Movie

This movie has a good concept....but fails to bring in emotions. It depicts how loosely we are all bound together. Nonsense and illogical theories from communal people can break apart the thread which unites us. How usually friendly people can become foes.

Abhishek Bachhan, American Indian (or Indian American) puts his life in danger to clear the mentality of the people and at the same time wins his newly found love.

This movie is set in old city (Chandni Chowk area) of Delhi. Must see for all those who have lived some part of their lives in Delhi....Its like refreshing your old memories.

They deserved it !!!

Well well well....We were millimeters away from winning the match...It was so closely contested. With India putting just 149 on board, and a strong reply from New Zealand (Mc Cullum butchered our pace attack) meant game over for us. But that was turned upside down when Irfan Pathan took two crucial wickets on successive deliveries. Everyone saw light at the end of tunnel. It all boiled down to 12 runs from the last over. Two McCullums were on crease. All went fine untill Brendon hit two fours and the situation was 1 from 1. Now all the fielders were in the ring. Brendon hit the ball in the air towards short on...Rohit Sharma ran backwards...slowed down a bit (misjudgement)...leapt to take the catch alas....couldnt hold it completely. India lost the thriller with whisker. This was a perfect example why they say "CATCHES WIN MATCHES"

Thursday, February 26, 2009

T20 match

The second T20 match between India and New Zealand is hours away. The first match was a real entertainer. Lots of big sixes (well it was a small rugby ground) were hit effortlessly. Touch it...and it flies away. Yuvi.....had he played for some time we could have seen the score run similar to the meter at a petrol pump.

Well wait and see tomorrow's ('s) match.

The complete schedule for India's Tour of New Zealand is at:

Lets see what happens in the second match.