Saturday, March 14, 2009

Blame it on....

After winning 4th ODI comfortably, India lost the 5th ODI comfortably. While 4th ODI will be remembered as Sehwag's masterpiece, 5th ODI can be remembered as Rohit Sharma's disaster at crease.

Sharma who is struggling in form, was responsible for Sehwag's wicket. This was echoed by kiwi commentators. He made Sehwag wait at non-striker's end while he practiced his shots. had he taken a few singles, rotated strike, Sehwag (who seemed desperate and itching to bat) might have gone to play another good innings. I guess this's the opinion of many. Also, he was involved in two run outs. He took a lot of time to score 43, Seems he has started practicing for the upcoming test matches from the last ODI itself. I guess whether he is in test sqad or not.

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